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Sustainable Ramona and Ramona Community Garden Present

2nd Annual Ramona Earth Day Festival

A Fun Family Day to Learn How to Sustain Our Community and Make Connections

Saturday, April 22, 2023

12 noon to 6 pm

Location: Ramona Community Garden, San Vicente Rd. and 11th Street, Ramona, California

Vendors / Exhibitors

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Opportunity to present and/or sell sustainable products to more than 300 attendees. For additional information and to apply, please use the   Vendor/Exhibitor Application



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Promote your business or organization to more than 300 attendees. Please see the Sponsor Letter for details.



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Learn everyday practical ways and long-term plans to sustain Ramona from experts.


Kid’s Events

Children led by an adult pulling a wagon. The children are holding up large signs with vegetables. Sustainable Ramona

March of Vegetables and Kids treasure hunt to learn about sustainability.


Community EVs

A photo of an EV charging station. Sustainable Ramona

Bring your electric vehicle to a special parking place and discuss with your neighbors your experience with your vehicle.


Live Music

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Enjoy live bands throughout the day.

Help Shape and Prepare for Ramona’s Future

Join Sustainable Ramona Group

Sustainable Ramona, a grass roots group organized to foster sustainability in Ramona, is seeking dedicated volunteer participants to expand the group.

Sustainable Ramona is exploring the benefits to us here in Ramona of curtailing greenhouse gases and the financial opportunities that will accompany these actions going forward. What new business opportunities will evolve? For what new careers can our children train? How will our gardens or farmlands improve? What new ways can we help manage solid waste to reduce landfills? Will the grapes for our wine be improved? Will our electric bills decrease? Will we have fewer power outages? How will we be better prepared for fires and drought? How will electric cars impact Main Street? How can we as a community profit from our vast amounts of sun and wind?

If you’re interested in participating in the Sustainable Ramona group, contact us here.

    Future of Transportation– January 2020 Tony Seba

    The movement towards renewable energy replacing fossil fuels has passed an important milestone. The COST of creating new renewable energy capacity has dropped below the cost of new fossil fuel energy capacity. This means that the conversion to renewable energy is not just an environmental necessity, but it has become an economic inevitability. There is no turning back. This is why Tesla and all of the world’s major auto companies are working so hard to create new electric vehicles to compete for this future market.

    To understand the economic and technological forces that will significantly change our transportation patterns, take an hour to view this presentation by an international consultant to the transportation industry.

    Our Vision

    Ramona to become a leading community in the change to land-and-people-friendly climate  with growing economy and its own micro-grid with power that the community uses and sells.

    Our Mission

    Lead the transition to a sustainable climate in Ramona with a growing economy via education, connections, projects, promotions, advocacy, and ultimately a profitable, independent electricity-producing area (micro-grid).

    Our Goals

    • Advance knowledge through education to address future job needs, home owner opportunities, growing business markets, agricultural changes, water requirements, etc.
    • Reach out to other community, County, and State groups to connect and maximize ongoing activities.

    Our Objectives

    • Plan and promote local Ramona activities that support sustainability through Earth Day 2021 event
    • Create a community garden by end of 2022
    • Offer presentations monthly for each of the key areas: renewable energy, transportation, electrification of buildings, weather explanation, firesafe, water usage, waste management