Join the movement!

First Annual

Harvest Festival

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Ramona Community Garden  – 11th Street & San Vicente Road, Ramona

11am to 4pm

Have fun and learn manageable ways to sustain Ramona surroundings we love.

Live Music:

  • Sentimental Journeys – 50’s, 60’s, 70’s
  • Frank & Rob – Latin Jazz & Soul
  • Garden Variety Band – Environmental Songs
  • The Waits


Kids March of the Vegetables – accompanied by Garden Variety Musicians

Halloween Costume Swap sponsored by “I Love a Clean San Diego”*

Bring your old costumes or clothes for costume to exchange: RE-USE*

Speakers & Venders (TBA)

* Check-out the “I Love a Clean San Diego” booth and find second-hand clothing pieces and Halloween costumes in good condition for the upcoming holidays! Participate by bringing any gently used clothing items, like t-shirts, jeans, jackets, and Halloween costumes you no longer need and trade them for other goods at no cost. By participating in the swap, you are helping to conserve natural resources, reduce the environmental footprint of producing new goods, and building community. They will accept: Clean, new or used, second-hand items. They will not accept items with  stains, smells, broken piece.

Donations appreciated, but not required. For additional information:



Earth Day 2021 — First Sustainable Ramona Earth Day Celebration One Year Ago

Intro to Earth Month

To celebrate Earth Day, Sustainable Ramona will salute Ramona residents, farmers, businesses who have produced sustainable undertakings.

Throughout the month of April, the organization will highlight energy-efficient residences, tree-planting to reduce fire danger and carbon dioxide, sustainable-farming vineyards, recycling to reduce land-fill, water-purifying from restaurant run-off, horse manure composting, and clean-air transportation.

The “Salutes” will be included on the organization’s Facebook page (@SustainableRamona) and website ( In addition, there will be zoom and Facebook-live presentations, and a live on-site tour of a vineyard.

Mon, April 5th

Ramona residents Donna and Larry Barnes have planted more than sixty trees on their property as part of the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQUIP) that is sponsored by the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service.

Wed, April 7

Carole Wylie Architecture; Steve Wright Builder. Sustainable House through Recycled Materials: Hacienda Aden.

Fri, April 9

Ramona Ranch Vineyard and Winery. First and only Certified Sustainable winery in San Diego County.

Mon, April 12

Jeri and Dave Billick, Composting Horse Manure at Home.

Wed, April 14

Carole Wylie Architecture; Steve Wright Builder. Using Nature to Cool a Residence: Gunderson Rogers Residence.

Fri, April 16

Steve Wiehe Recycling Specialist; County of San Diego; Department of Public Works. Recycling in Ramona.

Tue, April 20

Rob Lewallen. How to Build a Sustainable House: Truck Trail House.

Thu, April 22

EARTH DAY – 11am

Vineyard Grant James – tour of their sustainable farming in the morning followed by wine-pairing lunch in the vineyard. Bring your own lunch or purchase box lunch for $10. Sign-ups required. Go to to sign up.

Fri, April 23

Bob and Betsy Macomber. The Complete Sustainable House: Vista Cielo.

Mon, April 26

Carole Wylie Architecture; Steve Wright Builder. Bio-Retention basins for water at commercial restaurant to be purified before going to ocean: Panda Express.

Thu, April 29


Corey Permann, Customer Engagement Project, Manager, Clean transportation, SDGE on “SDGE’s Clean Transportation Initiatives” Zoom presentation for community. If interested in participating, send email to for zoom-in information.

In Summary

All of these sustainable projects contribute toward the reduction of greenhouse gases. According to a report by the County of San Diego, in 2014 the top five greenhouse gas contributors in San Diego County were on-road transportation, electricity, solid waste, natural gas, and agriculture. Ramona has contributed toward greenhouse gas reduction in these categories—with more to come.
Earth Day was originally conceived in the late 1960s by then-Sen. Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin to highlight the Earth’s environment and alert us about pollution. The concept grew as a grass-roots movement and the day was first celebrated on April 22, 1970. It has become a worldwide event commemorated annually on that date.

Help Shape and Prepare for Ramona’s Future

Join Sustainable Ramona Group

Sustainable Ramona, a grass roots group organized to foster sustainability in Ramona, is seeking dedicated volunteer participants to expand the group.

Sustainable Ramona is exploring the benefits to us here in Ramona of curtailing greenhouse gases and the financial opportunities that will accompany these actions going forward. What new business opportunities will evolve? For what new careers can our children train? How will our gardens or farmlands improve? What new ways can we help manage solid waste to reduce landfills? Will the grapes for our wine be improved? Will our electric bills decrease? Will we have fewer power outages? How will we be better prepared for fires and drought? How will electric cars impact Main Street? How can we as a community profit from our vast amounts of sun and wind?

If you’re interested in participating in the Sustainable Ramona group, contact us here.

    Future of Transportation– January 2020 Tony Seba

    The movement towards renewable energy replacing fossil fuels has passed an important milestone. The COST of creating new renewable energy capacity has dropped below the cost of new fossil fuel energy capacity. This means that the conversion to renewable energy is not just an environmental necessity, but it has become an economic inevitability. There is no turning back. This is why Tesla and all of the world’s major auto companies are working so hard to create new electric vehicles to compete for this future market.

    To understand the economic and technological forces that will significantly change our transportation patterns, take an hour to view this presentation by an international consultant to the transportation industry.

    Our Vision

    Ramona to become a leading community in the change to land-and-people-friendly climate  with growing economy and its own micro-grid with power that the community uses and sells.

    Our Mission

    Lead the transition to a sustainable climate in Ramona with a growing economy via education, connections, projects, promotions, advocacy, and ultimately a profitable, independent electricity-producing area (micro-grid).

    Our Goals

    • Advance knowledge through education to address future job needs, home owner opportunities, growing business markets, agricultural changes, water requirements, etc.
    • Reach out to other community, County, and State groups to connect and maximize ongoing activities.

    Our Objectives

    • Plan and promote local Ramona activities that support sustainability through Earth Day 2021 event
    • Create a community garden by end of 2022
    • Offer presentations monthly for each of the key areas: renewable energy, transportation, electrification of buildings, weather explanation, firesafe, water usage, waste management