~ April 9, 2021 ~

Ramona Ranch Vineyard and Winery, first and only Certified Sustainable winery in San Diego County.

Sustainable Ramona Salutes

Ramona Ranch Vineyard and Winery:

San Diego County’s Only CERTIFIED SUSTAINABLE Vineyard and Winery

The next time you visit Ramona Ranch Winery to taste their award-winning wines, you might want to say “kudos” to their sustainable farming.

Ramona Ranch was the first and is still the only winery in San Diego County to be designated Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing (CERTIFIED SUSTAINABLE) as a result of meeting a comprehensive set of standards for “environmental stewardship, conservation of natural resources and socially equitable business practices” set by the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance (CSWA).

The Winery achieves agricultural sustainability and green farming through integrated pest management, biodiversity, air quality control, water management, soil health, and renewable energy sources.

  • They use owl habitat, raptor perches, and implement insectary zones to attract beneficial insects for crop protection .
  • They have introduced and preserved native plants, maintained riparian habitats, and protected sensitive species in order to integrate the management of the vineyards with the ecosystem.
  • They have planted native cover crops and limited vehicle use to reduce dust and greenhouse gases.
  • To manage water, they monitor soil moisture and measure the vines’ water needs and use low volume drip irrigation to regulate water use. Drip irrigation in the vineyards prevents run-off and allows for efficient water management that meets the vines’ needs.
  • To create rich soil to benefit the vines, they add organic matter by planting cover crops and using compost.
  • Finally, the entire operation is powered by renewable energy from solar panels and a wind turbine.

Ramona Ranch Winery “salutes” Ramona Roasters Coffee Company, Ramona, Calif.

On April 17, Ramona Ranch Winery is inviting winetasters to join them for coffee from Ramona Roasters Coffee Company. Located in the Santa Maria Valley, Ramona Roasters is a local veteran-owned artisan crafted micro-roasting coffee company offering a variety of responsibly sourced coffees from around the world that are uniquely roasted to highlight the natural flavor profiles of the original coffee cherry.

Ramona Ranch Winery is located east of Ramona at 23578 Highway 78.

For more on Ramona Roasters Coffee Company, go to https://ramonaroasters.com/coffee-shop/